Anonymous asked: How do you keep in shape? I want to like tone up and loose a bit of weight but I like food way to much!! Except for not eating much what do you do? You have such a hot bod!

I don’t eat nothing much I wish I had that self control but chocolate is just too tempting so I’m probably not your best for advice! but if you want to loose weight, probably try eating healthier (but don’t stop eating cause then your body goes into starvation mode so any fat you do it eat stores in your body so it’s harder to loose weight) and I don’t really see the point of dieting cause when you end the diet won’t the weight just come back? I don’t know that’s just my theory but if you want to tone, go to the gym! Like weights machines and that, they’ll tone you they won’t make you big and muscly unless your doing like 100kgs haha but small ones are good :) Walking is good! And running, personally I hate running so I just walk but running is good for toning, sorry I’m really not much help!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: I do not have a hot bod

Anonymous asked: You never answer my questions.. :( ANSWER MEEEE!!!!

that would be because

1. i don’t answer a lot because i don’t know what to say or
2. i only answer questions when i’m bored so it may be waiting for me


Anonymous asked: :O YOU BEAUTY!

you’re beautiful :o

Anonymous asked: leeeish! you looked amazing at your ball! love youxxxx

 aww thank you :)